Ready for War

In the midst of it all that there is
Or was to be I envisioned us as
More than what the human eye could see
Trouble with it was it was all merely thoughts
Of a confused mind supporting a bruised heart
That followed through with the hallucinating
Feelings that you and I could [ever] truly be…
As one
So opposite like the moon and the sun
With our commonalities in our light and
When we, the sun and the moon, make love
the stars glow in the beauty of it all
We thought we had won
The battle seemed to be over
When in reality the war has just begun
Are you ready for love?…
I mean war
Cause there will be cuts, bruises, blood and confusion
Oh no it isn’t over, it’s only begun
Are you willing to fight
[for the victory of becoming one]
On the the frontier of this battlefield
Endure all of the pain and darkness
With hopes that in the end when the smoke clears
A victorious sing will will be heard in light
And you and I will take flight into a blissful paradise
That sounds nice right?
Well, are you ready to fight?
Cause there will be cuts, bruises,
Much blood and confusion that’s only the beginning
So here I stand with open hands and arms
Outstretched with thoughts in a confused mind
Hoping to find…that you will heal this bruised heart
Are you ready for war?

-Viola Constance

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