Love Slow

A Love Poem inspired by life
Released by Slow, Love, Slow by Nightwish

Do I Love You or the Thought of You?
I mean, damn, do I really even love
You? I think
(Love slow)
I’ve fallen deeply in love with your
Potential to be
Much more than
Who you are
Who are you and
What is love?
(Love slow)
My definition is so clouded
By the fog of lust
I lust for trust and security
And slow love
Slow love
In words and you
Lust and
We are both feeding each other
Through the lusty whispers and
Lips to ear rhymes
Love is slow
And we just do not share
The same speed of time
(Love slow)
You’re accelerating on
And I’m cruising and
Trying to enjoy the time
Time you are not spending
Speeding through love
(Love slow)
As if life will soon
This is the end
Of our lust, I
Just want
Slow love
(Love slow)

-Viola Constance

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