Daring to Dream

In broad daylight
I close my eyes, secure them tight
A slight grin spreads across my face
As my body begins to relax
My mind drifts off to a far away place

In this paradise-like heaven
I’m in total bliss
As I feel the warmth of your embrace
Your strong hands upon my waist
The cool of your breath hitting my face
I’m dying for a taste

Of your love
As we gaze into each other’s eyes
While your thighs intertwine mine
I hear my body let out cries
For you to take me on a ride
Far and beyond what my insanities try to hide

In my mind
This lasts forever
Over and over again
You explore my hidden treasures
I am yours and you are mine
My feelings for you flow deep inside

As I stand panting and sweating
The sounds of reality set back in
My eyes flutter open
And my body’s at ease
In broad daylight
As I dare to dream.

-Viola Constance

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