Echoes of Your Kiss

The faint pink of your lips
I avoided all visual contact
The entire night but
Thoughts of their fullness
Engulfing my pouty puckers
Continuously flooded my mind
Your voice rang out
“You gon’ give me a hug”
Sending a tingly feeling down
My spine at the thought
Of being enmeshed with you
In your embrace, the warmth
Traveled further down to the pool
Of me, my heart sped up
And my breathing stopped
“Can I get a kiss”
One thousand answers and thoughts
Zoomed around my cranium.
As we inched closer
Time stood still
The cool freshness of your breath
Hit me softly bringing me back
To reality as
My eyes connected with yours
And then fluttered close
The sensuousness of your kiss
Echoed through my being
As our lips collided
Several years of wondering
Now answered and it was far
Greater than my dreams
Bottom lip in, top lip out,
As our tongues got lost in
Each other.
When you pulled back after
What seemed to be more than a
Matter of minutes
A strange feeling overtook me
For once I wanted it to continue
And you, a male in your role,
Weren’t seeking more
In a beat I gently pulled you back to me
Hoping that you understood that I
Wanted this, but wanted you
more. But it of course had
To end. As we said
Our goodnights, parted lips
And parted ways
Your kiss echoed in my head
Replaying from start to finish
And I questioned myself
About my actions
Should I have gone for it?
Should I have went back for more?
Then I wandered was
Our kiss echoing in your mind?
Time has passed and I’m glad
That we shared in that
Moment between friends
Such a beautifully intimate
Gesture leaving me with
Echoes of your kiss.

-Viola Constance

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