Thoughts of You

Continuous thoughts of you
nothing like the others. No daydreams of
you and me forever. No thoughts of
wild sex or someday a family together. Just
the joy and sweet torture of an innocent
crush not acted upon. The essence of our
last meeting, that I … did not over think or
label as a date. How time ended with a
sweet tender passion-filled kiss. Although
that was over a month ago I can’t let
go not knowing what it all truly meant.
Does it mean more than fulfilling curiosity
from an old high school crush or was that
simply all it was? Was it a gesture of lets
be more than you and I and we could
finally see what this could be. Was it
confusion escaping within a moment or was
it just what it was, a kiss?
Time after that meeting I thought of
you, but nothing out of the ordinary. Wondered
what you were doing and what’s your plan
with basketball and how I wanted to talk
you through it. But communication stopped
like the ticking of a dying clock and I
am left with thoughts of you and that
meeting and our last texts
clues as puzzle pieces to my blues
all entangled with
thoughts of you.

-Viola Constance

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