Time to Fly

I tend to always go with the flow
of life; calm, cool, and collected
going one way when others say
leaving my sense of me rejected
you before I, except after work, I never thought
twice about it before but
being so selfless only
leaves people wanting more
and then, what about me?
that quiet beautiful butterfly
no one seems to see or
understand that my silence is my cry
but deep inside knowing that I’ve
tried and given my all in positivity
is my lullaby; so soothing, so sweet
and then I’m back on track
ready to attack and take on the world
with a stronger and slightly different
mind set, and like a jet
set, ready for takeoff, it’s time
I’m ready to fly
spread my wings and soar high
beyond the clouds
and just when I think I’m at a
safe altitude, I feel myself
nose dive nearly crashing as the
cycle replays itself and I
question when will it truly
be my time to fly?

-Viola Constance

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