RIP Facebook Page

Lately I’ve been strongly debating whether or not I should delete my Facebook page. Each time I’m about to delete it, I see photos or a family member that I’ve just connected with and I’m like oh no, too much beauty and so many memories, save it. I’ve honestly only gotten into social media in an attempt to be, well, more social. However, I feel in a way, it has backfired.

First off let me just put it out there that aside from my Tumblr page, each of my social media accounts were made by other people. During my freshman year of high school a cute guy in my class (that I’d kind of hit it off with) made me a Myspace page in our computer class. He decided to do so so we could stay in touch in case we didn’t have any classes together the next year. And because he couldn’t believe I was a high schooler not on Myspace. I mean, he could’ve just asked for my number and we could’ve stayed in touch that way, but whatever. I ended up agreeing and fell into the Myspace crowd.

The same thing occurred when it was time for me to go off to college. This time a close female friend who was like a big sister to me made my Facebook page. This time it took me awhile to really get into it. I was still holding on to Myspace. I’d gotten so used to changing my background and adding what I thought were the dopest songs on a hidden playlist. Eventually, that all got played out for me, and my Facebook usage slowly crept up.

Anywhos, now I’m feeling those feeling of needing to be free from it all. There’s so many other things I can do when I find any ounce of downtime. Write. Read. Workout. What was once a fun way to pass time has become just so blah. It seems the negative posts outnumber the positive ones. The only difference in deleting my Facebook page in comparison to my Myspace page is the connections and networking I’ve been able to do. Business and education always comes first for me. For whatever reason I feel if I delete my page I’ll miss out on some opportunities.

As of today, I’ve made up my mind that come summer it’s out of here. I mean I have a Twitter (which I barely use). That can somewhat be my social connect.

I’m a phone call, send me a text and lets meet-up kind of lady. When I do interact I like real life up-close and able to touch interaction. So mid-June I’ll finally be saying bye-bye to my Facebook page after 6 years. R.I.P.

-Viola Constance


2 thoughts on “RIP Facebook Page

  1. I totally understand. I have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I am barely on any of them. I feel these days people are so stuck on Social Media that they forget how to really communicate (Texts, more importantly phone calls). I too want to get rid of everything or at least continue to stay off of them and communicate more via phone. I feel people have become so dependent on these things that real communication almost does not exist anymore. It’s quite sad.

  2. Exactly! I know I do not have the will-power to just not sign in, because when bored moments roll around picking up any device and tapping a single button to log in is so easy. Kudos to you on being able to do that! I agree with you, people are really dependent on social media as a means of real communication. It is sad that instead of us calling someone to meet up, we will inbox them or ask that they inbox us. How did we get here?

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