Are You Mad or Nah?

Because Screenshots are in and this is my life!

Because Screenshots are in and this is my life!

I know, I know I said I was taking a break from life and social media. I have been and it has been awesome aside from a few minor down moments. That however isn’t the reason for this post. A SoulSwipe connection is. I figured why not share what happened yesterday, because I got a good laugh out of it and it is still something I can’t seem to understand.

*If you haven’t read Dating Apps Part 3 then maybe you’d like to click the link and check it out now*

Yesterday I woke up to a good morning text from an unfamiliar number. Usually I am friendly in my reply to try and figure out who it is contacting me, but I woke up a bit grumpy. I asked the texter who is this? The response I got was your bf. Cute. Not cute enough for a SINGLE grouchy-morning Vi whose bff is of course stored in her phone. I laughed it off and told the texter to have a good day. I immediately went down the list of people I’d cut off recently and tried to figure out which one of them would be dumb enough to play on my phone. After a minute I thought, tf, just call them and see if you can place the voice.

Nope. No answer. The texter wouldn’t pick up. Hmm. I’m wide awake now and feeling petty. I called about a dozen times from my cell, once from a landline and then had my cousin call (she actually got an answer but said the person on the other end didn’t say a word). The texter texted me asking why am I calling and honest Vi I am told him “same reason you texted me. It’s a joke. I’m entertained.” And I really was, made my morning better, but when I have that kind of annoying fun it’s just that, annoying for others and ALL fun for ME.

Blah, blah, blah. Long story shortened a bit the texter was “Eyes.” I know it can be difficult to gauge someone’s tone and or attitude via text especially someone you don’t know, but he was pissed. He told me that I should stay off of SoulSwipe and stop giving my number out because I obviously  didn’t remember him and didn’t store his number. Uh… back up mister, wahh? We went back and forth a bit – him calling me “dum dum,” me correcting is spelling and grammar, him stating that he didn’t have to give me his name because I shouldn’t have been careless and not stored his number, me asking why would I store someone’s number after I’d only had maybe two text convos with (in March btw), and both of us stating how the other was basically a Catfish. Entertaining right?

Well, here’s more. He sent me a screenshot of the first text convo we had dated March 25th with his name. Hmm, so you couldn’t send that when I asked your name or how about just saying my name is so and so? Childish right? Nah, not according to him, he “plays no games” he leaves that for his daughter. What a joke! A funny one at that. I kept poking. I described him just as I had in my dating app post (with a few more details I won’t put personal info out there).  His response “wow.”

He asked for my Facebook (after me asking if this was the mother of his child just being nosey). I gave it to him and described my page to a tee for him. His responds “…except the request. And there’s your “catfish”MAM.” I said I’d accept his request  so he can see that I wasn’t a catfish and blah blah thanks for the new blog post (Hey J, see I keep my word, you made my blog son!).


“Hey mannn I want to get in the hot air balloon, I see you be doing all the fun stuff, you suck” . . .Yeah I do, but you suck more, I thought. Petty and childish I know, but I was no longer having fun. I just texted back “yeah, sure. Thanks.” That’s how that conversation ended.


So was he mad or nah? For my male readers (and friends who text me about my posts) what do y’all think? Was it a pride thing, like she didn’t save my number? Was he just super annoyed? I just want to understand what was difficult about stating a name. What’s even more puzzling is the fact that it wasn’t like we were bffs or had conversations that were mentally simulating or deeply felt.


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