Thoughts of You

Continuous thoughts of you
nothing like the others. No daydreams of
you and me forever. No thoughts of
wild sex or someday a family together. Just
the joy and sweet torture of an innocent
crush not acted upon. The essence of our
last meeting, that I … did not over think or
label as a date. How time ended with a
sweet tender passion-filled kiss. Although Continue reading

Echoes of Your Kiss

The faint pink of your lips
I avoided all visual contact
The entire night but
Thoughts of their fullness
Engulfing my pouty puckers
Continuously flooded my mind
Your voice rang out
“You gon’ give me a hug”
Sending a tingly feeling down
My spine at the thought
Of being enmeshed with you
In your embrace, the warmth
Traveled further down to the pool Continue reading