My Journey: Sharing is Coping

I know it’s been awhile, but I haven’t forgotten about you all. You know sometimes life happens and you’re pulled in so many different directions. I’ve been allowing myself to simply go with the flow and not force myself in other directions.

I often get asked how am I able to share such personal and intimate stories about my life. And honestly, I do not know. I think it has become my form of therapy. With so many people in this world of all walks of life on various paths on various journeys I always think, whatever I share will get lost in the fluff of things. And even if one or two people in this world during their journeys come across something that I’ve written it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve got to focus on my happy and my mental well-being. Writing about some of these very personal and intimate things assist me in coping with them. It helps further heal me. Although I can write about these things and sometimes I can talk to certain people about these things, it is always difficult to relive them. But this is my life, these are my stories, these are things that make me me. These are my testimonies which has provided me with strength that I never knew I had, courage that I never knew I needed, and growth to become the woman that I’m meant to be. Some of the things that I’ve written about when I look back on it or reread them can be a bit embarrassing LOL. Some of the things I read and I’m like why did I share that? But then I remember, the one or two people who comment or personally contact me and share their story and their experiences and what sharing my story has done for them. Everything comes full circle. It makes it all worthwhile. And while I’m still learning, and I’m still stumbling on my path, I can’t lie it’s been so beautiful no matter the pain. My path may not be as smoothly paved as some. My journey may not be as glamorous as some. But nonetheless my journey is my journey. It’s unique to me, it’s only for me, and the end results which have been very victorious are mine and mine alone.

Thank you all for understanding, reading, uplifting me through your kind words and more.

Viola Constance


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