Life Hiatus

Have you ever felt like you just needed a break from life? You’ve been going and going and going, doing one thing or another and when you have a moment for a moment you’re like fuck this, I tap out! That’s totally me right now. In the wake of all that is happening in my life and in my community I’ve decided to go on a hiatus from life. I know, I know, that is kind of a tough task especially on my budget lol, but I’ve decided I needed a break mentally from just extra stuff. I randomly go MIA and it is rejuvenating! I feel refreshed, my mind, body and spirit are all balanced. I feel like that is really needed now.

In the last few months I’ve dealt with career changes, death, car accident, possible love, family matters, omitting people from my life, opening up more, educational gains, money movements, black lives matter and more. I’m tired. It is easy for me (like other humans) to jump on social media for a break or to relieve my mind of the reality I face. Or even spend time with people I wouldn’t usually entertain. And now I’m saying no more. No more nasty habits, no more unnecessary stress, no more negativity to loom.

The past week or two I’ve pushed myself a bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve been more open in communication with all people. I’ve been exploring and researching and in those processes I’ve been seeking the help and opinions of others (something that I rarely do)! I feel a bit at peace and a beautiful connection that, I will be unapologetically honest about, I can’t recall ever really feeling (another story post for another time). I’ve decided to take a hiatus from everything and get back to connecting with myself and others in the real world.

This isn’t a goodbye, as I dislike them, nor is it a see ya later. I’ll be around and writing and will share with you all in the near future. Let’s just say we’ll see one another soon.

Peace and Love.

Viola Constance


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