Enough Is Enough

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I am tired of being tired. I am tired of feeling helpless. I am tired. Enough is enough. In the last few days there have been senseless murders of men at the hands of “law enforcement.” People around the world are all cried out, drained from seeking justice and being met with a new name to hashtag.

So now what?

We march? We pray? We fight?

All the above I guess.


Since Trayvon Martin I haven’t really shared my feelings. I hadn’t gone to any protests, marches or discussions aside from family conversations regarding this topic. I’ve reposted, shared, re-tweeted things pertaining to lives lost by guns held by officers. I hadn’t acted and why? I felt I didn’t know enough to drive change. I was afraid of what may happen. And now with all of the killings, back to back, that fear has vanished.

Honestly, I am not shocked or surprised by any of this. Cops killing men, women and even children left and right and returning home to their families covered by a shield of protection in the form of a badge they wear. Some of them are placed on administrative leave and very few meet consequences. I actually still have trouble wrapping my mind around this. I’m mad as hell to say the very least.

In 2016 how is this still happening? Our men, our Kings, Our babies, our brother, cousins, fathers, uncles, husbands are being wiped out. Our families are torn apart and for what? It is a shame that so many of us are desensitized because this has become a norm.

Parents and children calling to check on one another throughout the day during work and school hours. Children used to senselessness and taking on the adult task of comforting others and containing certain emotions. Parents having to have talks with their children sooner than later for survival. Children not understanding. Adults not understanding. The law turning a blind eye . . .

It’s actually history repeating itself. We are silenced, censored and told what is what even when there is video proof. Well no more.

No more accepting what is being given. People in cities all over (Atlanta, Chicago, Oakland, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles) are protecting, marching and defending themselves if and when needed. The sick part of it all is that there are individuals who are strategically planted in the midst of these movements to disturb the peace and deter the mission at hand.

Today I decided to make a change and do some acting. I attended a rally. I cried. I admitted I was pissed off beyond words. I hugged and loved on people, Kings and Queens, who looked like me. I acknowledged and loved those in peacefully in attendance who do not look like me. Today I decided this was just the beginning. Today I decided I would no longer be silent…


When will we realize we matter
After another 48 hours of killings
Or when it’s known their pockets are getting fatter?
When will we realize we matter
The chanting and the marching
It’s a great start but . . .

Is it enough against modern day lynching
We matter, we matter
Oh yes we matter
And we matter more and more as the madness heightens
Say his name
Say her name
Say your name
And know that you matter . . .


*These are just some of my personal thoughts. Yes they are scattered and incomplete. As upset as I am I will not spew hatred nor will I paint a picture of any plans of action. This is simply me dealing with reality and the reality my community faces.

–  Viola Constance


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