Parenthood: Parenting When not a Parent

Vi’s Parenting 101 Rule 4: play a supporting role in your child’s life at all times and all ways possible.

As mentioned in previous post, I assist in caring for my niece. Since moving to GA, I am more involved in Hands-On in her life. I never really thought so right about this before until today. There has been a few small incidents recently related to school. From school staff, to classroom issues with the teacher and with students. I’ve been pondering what to write about, but after picking my niece up from school today I decided to start writing about parenthood, from a child-less aunt’s perspective. Also, honestly, I guess I needed to vent. I would like to get a community of parents including single, biologically, non-related and related guardians talking and sharing.

So let’s backtrack.


I picked her up from school and during the car ride we did our typical chit-chat and recap the first school day. When it came to an end with my questioning her do you have homework? This question is usually followed by her explaining what sheets were given in her packet. Today she said the teacher forgot to put it in my folder. She went on to say something about the car riders being dismissed. At her school car riders are the children who get picked up immediately after the bell ring and must go out to meet their parents who sit and wait in the car line. She is a part of this group. For my understanding there was a rush to get the kids out and somehow her folder was left out of receiving a homework. I told her, my niece, do not worry about it ask your teacher for the homework tomorrow.


Tuesday comes. Again no homework. My niece says she forgot to ask her teacher. No problem. You’re at the second grade, and it’s not really your responsibility. I asked if the teacher mentioned it or gave it to her. She said no. Okay whatever, I left it alone. I decided I’d discuss it with my sister her mother later on. When I did discuss it with my sister at dinner she restated what I said the previous day, ask your teacher for it tomorrow. I told my niece, you know will have to focus and get more homework done because now we have less days to complete it. She nodded she understood. No problem. Everyone in our household knows what’s going on and are aware of what work we need to put in to make sure she doesn’t fall behind.

Wednesday (today)

My sister takes my niece to school in the morning and remind her to again ask her teacher for her homework. Fast for it to our after-school car ride. I asked my niece, ‘did you get your homework today?’ “No.’ “No?” ‘No TT, I asked and she gon’ say, “‘so you gon’ ask me for it on Wednesday?”‘ and she walked away.’ My niece precedes to tell me this with an attitude in her voice.

I’m instantly fuming. I highly dislike when adults speak to children in a certain kind of manner. You think Mama bears and lions are bad, baby this auntie plays none with no one when it comes to children, especially those and her family blood related or not. I had some mentally count to 5 and I asked her to repeat to me what happened. She went on to tell me the exact same thing she said before. I said okay, but it took everything in me not to turn around and drive back up to that school and walk into that classroom. I said to myself no Vi chill, your niece already doesn’t tell you certain things because you “get hype.” ( that’s what she told me, that’ll be another post).

I pass the info along to my sister who was at work who did intern contacted the teacher via a school app. Luckily, she got it all squared.

That’s good she states she forgot however, your tone to my child and your demeanor toward my child suggested she was at fault and that she was in the wrong. I take issue with that, because in fact it was your responsibility. It’s a part of your job! You failed to do your part this week. Anywhos, I’ll leave it there.

So, question for all of you out there who have children or actively care for children: in a situation like this, how do you respond? Do you guys think I am overreacting?

Let’s start a conversation.

– Vi


2 thoughts on “Parenthood: Parenting When not a Parent

  1. Girrllll
    I got irritated reading this! That teacher was wrong. She’s a kid if she has no patience for her kids she chose the wrong career choice

    • Trust me, I understand! I immediately got upset when my niece told me this and almost bust a U back into the school’s lot. However, I need to be an example for my niece so I didn’t. I told to her about it to reassure he she did nothing wrong and we contacted the teacher. I’ll be popping up in that class just as my mother did with us. That teacher will respect her as she respects that teacher. If not then I’ll act accordingly with further proof.

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