Parenthood: Parenting When not a Parent

Vi’s Parenting 101 Rule 4: play a supporting role in your child’s life at all times and all ways possible.

As mentioned in previous post, I assist in caring for my niece. Since moving to GA, I am more involved in Hands-On in her life. I never really thought so right about this before until today. There has been a few small incidents recently related to school. From school staff, to classroom issues with the teacher and with students. I’ve been pondering what to write about, but after picking my niece up from school today I decided to start writing about parenthood, from a child-less aunt’s perspective. Also, honestly, I guess I needed to vent. I would like to get a community of parents including single, biologically, non-related and related guardians talking and sharing.

So let’s backtrack.

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Untitled. . .

It’s crazy how you can google my name and see all the cool shit I’ve written
And how you can still check and know that I’m okay
Know that I’m okay and you had nothing to do with it
And that in half of my life I’ve accomplished more than you have in your whole
Life, has a crazy way of showing us things like
Where would I be if I’d done what I really wanted to you?
You heard curses but your ears fell silent to the death wish I praying for you Continue reading