Moving: top 5 thoughts of a 50 something vs a 20 something

This is a short post of my mother and I’s Top 5 thoughts in regards to moving. Several months ago I moved from sunny Los Angeles, CA to Georgia. I packed up and drove my little car, hauling my life from the West Coast to the South…alone. It was a scary yet indescribable, amazing feeling. I had thoughts and plans of course. I wanted to compare my thoughts then with those of my Mother who made the same move (not alone, I drove with her 🙂 ) one month ago.

Here are our top 5 thoughts about this move (in no specific order)…

Mom’s Thoughts:

1. Getting here safely

2. Finding a church home

3. Being able to assist/help my children out

4. Finding a job to care for myself

5. Be happy with it all! Meaning my life, my independence, etc.

My Thoughts:

1. Getting a job that pays as well as in CA

2. Networking and building contacts within my field

3. Assisting my sister and pushing her to chase her goals

4. Travel more!

5. Obtaining mental peace and happiness


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