Making Peace Out of Chaos

Life is crazy. Life can be full of sh!t. But life is what YOU make it. I plan to make the most out of mine, my way. There are many things – negative, painful, revolting – in my life, and people including myself, that have contributed to all of the chaos that I have encountered and always dealt with in my head.

Yet again, I am on a journey to my happy, because I deserve happy and I am in control of my happy. I’ve started addressing issues that I have held on to with family members and with myself. As painful as it can be for all parties involved I’ve began feeling a freeing sensation that, although strange, I like.

I’ve decided on a daily to choose my happiness and love, more specifically tending to my own happiness, giving and being open to receiving matched love, and to further develop my self love (which I once thought impossible, but nah, it isn’t).

When I first actively started this journey I believe the year was 2013 and I lived in Orlando. My methods included writing both pen and pad, online via Tumblr (RIP Constantly Conscious), this site and time for self and workouts. From that start up until now everything has been done in physical writing, group sessions, counseling sessions, meditation and more. This go round, of course there will be writing physical and digital, mediation, exercise, and fun! Here’s a quick “check list” if you will to what I’ve decided to do:

  1. Gratitude – seeking the things and people including myself that I am grateful for, exploring why I am grateful for them and how to not take them for granted.
  2. Feed into Positivity – tend to my mental and what is absorbed! Less television, including news consumption, and a healthy dose of social media.
  3. Exploring in Nature! – getting lost in my new city and getting comfortable with be uncomfortable here as I was in L.A.
  4. Meditating – active reflecting and taking time for myself to find peace within myself.
  5. Daily affirmations of self love and gratitude – because I’ve got to love me and water my own seed for growth.

What are some things that you do to cultivate your happy?


– Viola Constance


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