Moving: Experiences VS Expectations

I’ve now officially been a Georgia resident for 6 months now and living in the state for almost 9 months. Of course there were going to be some major changes; not being able to go to the beach at the drop of a dime, an actual change in seasons, and the dreaded decrease in pay. I know all of that just seems negative, but the greater goal here was to get property in the family, get my big sister into medical school and to find new challenges.

I think all of the small possible challenges met me at once. Here’s a list of my experiences and my expectations coming to Georgia.

Expectation #1: I’ll be able to land a job in my field ASAP

Experience: I can get a minimum wage job, making as much as I did as a teen and at places I wouldn’t work at as a teen in no time. I got a decent paying job after two months of searching and applying and just accepting a position to be able to pay my bills. It was not in my field. I hadn’t heard back from any media jobs or folks that I’d contacted in this state, but I’d heard from folks in Texas who wanted me to interview.

Expectation #2: I’d have a fun social night-life

Experience: Nope! While I do try to put myself out there more – meaning loosen up – I just haven’t found my groove here. The few times I’ve gone out, I’ve been put off. I went to a club (which may have been a bad idea since I am not a club type of person) and no one was really dancing. What was the point? I didn’t understand and I definitely stuck out as one of very few who danced freely. Also, once I started working, all I wanted to do was sleep, care for my niece and look for another job. This is something I’m STILL working on though.

Expectation #3: I’d travel more being on this side of the map.

Experience: I haven’t traveled anywhere besides back home for a short vacay and to move my mother. I haven’t hit any road trips or anything while being here. Again I’m working on it. It is a personal thing where I cannot fully enjoy myself or spend money when I am not where I want to be professionally. My priorities are are strict and tight.

Expectation #4: I’d be open to dating in a new city!

Experience: I’ve been open and have been approached for dates. However, the two men I decided to entertain were big let downs. That’s something I have to work on… who I give a chance to, but also I have to actually get out.

Expectation #5: If the previous expectations weren’t met, I’d want to move back home sooner.

Experience: I’m not sure how I’d move back home! If money were no object, I’m unsure I’d move back to Los Angeles full-time. I’ll always love LA and it will always be home, but my last visit… smh. It was soo noises to me. Everything just seemed so loud. I felt so old (LOL). It was crowded in places that in Georgia are spacious. While of course I want to have a home in L.A., I’d probably only want to be there maybe 60% of the time, because I mean beaches and food.

Overall, I’ve learned to know hold tight to my expectations. If I could not ever have expectations that would be great! I mean having no expectations removes chances of disappointment. I’m learning that in the moments that I do find myself expecting a specific outcome, to allow myself to experience and learn rather than becoming disappointed.

Have you ever mad a big move or major change that was full of unknowns? What were some of your expectations?


– Viola Constance


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