Moving: Experiences VS Expectations

I’ve now officially been a Georgia resident for 6 months now and living in the state for almost 9 months. Of course there were going to be some major changes; not being able to go to the beach at the drop of a dime, an actual change in seasons, and the dreaded decrease in pay. I know all of that just seems negative, but the greater goal here was to get property in the family, get my big sister into medical school and to find new challenges.

I think all of the small possible challenges met me at once. Here’s a list of my experiences and my expectations coming to Georgia.

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New Moves for the New Year!

Happy New Year beautiful people. I’ve been trying to plan post topics to continuously get content out to you all. While I’ve come up with a few ideas and have been given a few ideas of what to cover, I couldn’t bring myself to really plan out posts. I don’t know, I felt I was forcing it and I NEVER to force what I said. I want to share true, authentic and real topics and experiences that I have for you all to learn from and/or know that you are not alone.

As previously mentioned I made a big move from California to Gerogia (also a big pay cut). More recent, my mother made the move as well. The next few posts will cover moving, finances and family living together. I hope these next few posts will be insightful and a pleasure to read.

Thank you all for joining my journey and I wish you well on yours!

– Viola Constance

Blog Break: Brief Homelessness

I’m back! Again. After about one month of blog silence, I’m back. I didn’t have brain freeze, nor was it due to lack of content, but homeslessness. Yes, you read that right. I’ve been struggling with accepting it and sharing it with others other than those involved and my mother. It was tough, but now I’m ready and able to share.

In the last 3 months I’ve moved at total of four times. Yes, you read right, four. Not really by choice if you will, but more so for a purpose. In my hiatus, I stressed about not being employed for a spell, not being about to contribute to household bills let alone clear my credit cards and more. And in the same breath I began working on myself inside and out. I completed a gratitude challenge with 21ninety, I kicked out cash (my last at the time that was gifted to me for a new camera) that I really didn’t have for a 6-week gym challenge and membership. Aside from caring for myself, I would also be caring for my six-year-old niece part-time. It didn’t seem like a lot. The bigger picture was always in mind.

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Father’s Day: A Day for FATHERS

Oh Father’s Day…

Fathers day

I’ve never been big on this day. Considering the fact that my father rarely reared his head into the role of being a father. By definition a father is a male parent. Simple enough, just as the act of becoming a father is. So he’s got that part, I guess. By my definition a father is a MAN who takes care of his child(ren); providing love, support, time and knowledge as well as monetary and materialist things. This post isn’t to discuss the short comings of my father, but to uplift all of the men out there who go above and beyond for their child(ren) and/or children in general. I personally feel they do not get all of the credit and celebration they deserve.

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Life Is What You Make It Pt. 1

I’m not sure exactly when it was or where I heard the saying “life is what you make it”, but that is something that has always stuck with me. Regardless of the situations I’ve been in, I’ve repeatedly thought to myself it is what I make of it. Sometime just before graduating from college I made an album on my Facebook page (and yes it is still kicking) that I titled Life Is What YOU Make it. The album basically consists of photos of, well, me. Let me be more descriptive here. The photographs range from pics of me as a toddler to college and events etc. But that isn’t what this post is about.

At the close of 2015 and the start of 2016 I decided that I would get my happy back.

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