Poetry Post 1

So I’ve decided I’ll post one poem per week. Simply to get into the habit of sharing my feelings and thoughts in another form other than a journal entry or blog post. Most poem posts will not be titled or in its completed form only a snippet of it. All poems will make-up a preview (if you will) of what’s to come. Please feel free to comment and/or give feedback. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings, as most of us encounter similar situations and can be of support of one another. I hope you all enjoy. Be well. Peace!
– Viola

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Father’s Day: A Day for FATHERS

Oh Father’s Day…

Fathers day

I’ve never been big on this day. Considering the fact that my father rarely reared his head into the role of being a father. By definition a father is a male parent. Simple enough, just as the act of becoming a father is. So he’s got that part, I guess. By my definition a father is a MAN who takes care of his child(ren); providing love, support, time and knowledge as well as monetary and materialist things. This post isn’t to discuss the short comings of my father, but to uplift all of the men out there who go above and beyond for their child(ren) and/or children in general. I personally feel they do not get all of the credit and celebration they deserve.

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