Father’s Day: A Day for FATHERS

Oh Father’s Day…

Fathers day

I’ve never been big on this day. Considering the fact that my father rarely reared his head into the role of being a father. By definition a father is a male parent. Simple enough, just as the act of becoming a father is. So he’s got that part, I guess. By my definition a father is a MAN who takes care of his child(ren); providing love, support, time and knowledge as well as monetary and materialist things. This post isn’t to discuss the short comings of my father, but to uplift all of the men out there who go above and beyond for their child(ren) and/or children in general. I personally feel they do not get all of the credit and celebration they deserve.

Happy Fathers Day to all you Fathers out there. Ladies, let’s please allow them to enjoy their day. The one time of the year where they are celebrated and often times get criticized for it. “Why do they get it” … “They are just doing what they are supposed to do”. STOP. Imo … It’s more than that. Today, in this here crazy world and society, it’s a BLESSING when a man is in their child’s life and helping bring them up. It’s their day too just like Mothers Day. I’m just sayin’ …. Let them enjoy it. – Au’Vonnie A

Year after year I hear females say “Happy Father’s Day to me!” or why should he be celebrated for things he SHOULD be doing for HIS CHILD(REN)? Yeah, no. Let’s address the first statement. Even if you’re a single parent, you as a mother, cannot (or should I say should not, either way people will do as they please) say Happy Father’s Day to me. You are a mother. You are not male. You don’t have the parts. You may care for your child(ren) alone, but you did not create alone. And you also have your own designated holiday. Let them have theirs! As far as the second statement goes, I mean, you have a day you are celebrated for doing your motherly duties so why is Father’s Day an issue? Hmm, yeah I’ll wait.

for mom on fathers day

Last year I came across a post that included the above picture of a card. I shared it in hopes of starting a conversation amongst my Facebook friends. I wanted to see what others thought and what kind of conversation would steam from this. For the most part both male and female contacts felt where the card was coming from as we all know there are single women taking care of their children. However, it just adds on to the stigma that men do not take care of their children especially in the black community. When in fact, regardless of parental relationship status, there are plenty of men who take care of their children and there are even single men handling business.

Originally I didn’t post my personal opinion in regards to this card. I didn’t and still do not agree with it due to the fact that there wasn’t one for Dad on Mother’s Day (and trust me I Googled and looked last year for one to see if they existed and of course one wasn’t found). Where did such men bashing come from and why does it still exist when there are some great men and even better fathers out there?

I’m not sure, but to the women who try to steal their shine please stop it. Just as you work hard to provide for yours so do they. Just as you would “feel some type of way” if someone rained on your Mother’s Day parade, they feel that way about their day as well. Chill and let them have this one (out of 365). I was proud to see two Facebook updates and the black and white picture above shared multiple times by female friends who feel the same way I do and want men to be recognized.

I would like to acknowledge all of the fathers out there caring and fending for children be it their biological children or not. I applaud you for doing your job and taking it seriously. I support your sacrifices in order to provide for our future. You are loved and supported. I see you Kings!


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