At this point I feel silly STILL blaming COVID for my writer’s block. COVID definitely put me in a slump and dug up the procrastination bug. There were a few things I’d began working on prior to and during the beginning stages of COVID. Those things were small projects in tasks but large an emotional sense and humungous on my goal list.

If anything, COVID taught me to really give myself grace. I, like so many others, am guilty of saying and living by one of the most ridiculous sayings “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” If ever I felt guilty for not finishing something, setting a crazy deadline for myself, taking on too much etc etc etc I’d literally deprive myself of sleep, food and fun to get it all done. I won’t lie, at the start of COVID I still had a foot in that mentality, but then there was an instant switch. I am unsure of exactly when or why, but my new mantra became – Idgaf about none of that! I mean it’s just a level up of It is what it is in my book, but I digress.

My introvertedness allowed me to get nice and cozy in my COVID slump, especially when I made the switch from essential worker on the front lines to work from home essential worker. Although I am still very much so productive, I became less and less active in my physical fitness and with my personal works and passions.

Anywhos, this doesn’t need to be a long drawn out post. Although I still am unsure of what I could possibly share with you all, I’m back. Foreal, foreal. While I have to remind myself not to dwell, I have been more so focused on all of the positive feedback I’ve received both past and present. I used to feel guilty for not having a new topic to discuss when my friends and colleagues would text me asking for the next post.

It’s coming. Be patient with me as I am being with myself.

– V


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