The Truth Isn’t For Everyone

I think one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned [so far] this year is that the truth isn’t for everyone. Everyone can’t handle the truth. Everyone doesn’t want to face their truth, whatever that may be. I try to be as honest, as truthful and up-front as I can possibly can. Not in regards to solely my own feelings and opinions, but that of others as well. I’ve found that just because someone says they want honesty doesn’t mean honesty 24/7 and in every realm. I’ve noticed that words and actions do not always match up. My eyes have been opened to see that just because the truth is my truth, honesty is my route and having others deliver it to me “straight with no chaser,” doesn’t mean that is how everyone else, even those I love and care about wish to receive information. It’s been said that you don’t have to look far for the truth if you really want it and I can attest to that. I have to realize that I cannot help or shelter everyone I love.

“Deep down you already know the truth, it isn’t my place to force the acceptance of it on you.”

While I must honor my own truth and continue on my own path and journey in honesty and harmony, I take note that I must not shove my truth on-to anyone else. Because like everything, the truth holds a different amount of weight for each individual. And like most things everyone has a different definition and viewpoint on things and the truth isn’t any different. I believe most people know. Deep down we all know the truth in regards to ourselves and our situations, even if we’ve built walls and learned to cope and cover things up. We know. Deep down we know it’s still there, it’s the accepting the truth and living with what comes along with it…

This was just something that has hit me in the most beautiful way after not understanding a situation I’d gone through where I felt the other person involved overlooked what I felt I knew was the truth. I still believe that individual knows the truth as I do, but I now see that they do not accept it for what it is. Reality. It isn’t my place to rain on anyone’s reality and I now see that sometimes with my blunt truth I may be doing just that. Everyone moves in their own time, space, and speed. I respect that.

What is YOUR definition of truth? Honesty? What does truth mean to you? How do you honor your truth? Are you afraid of honoring your truth?

– Viola Constance


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