21 Day Gratitude Challenge: 1 Week Down, 2 to Go

Near the completion of my second college career I decided that I’d get more into reading self-help books, tending to my mental help and providing myself with continuous self-love (hey, that ought to be a post on it’s on ;)). During this journey, that I plan to make a permanent part of my lifestyle, I came across a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge.

I believe I saw a sign-up for it in one of the many newsletters I receive via e-mail. This one in particular came from 21ninety (go ahead and check them out, just a disclaimer – this isn’t a paid advertisement, they’re just dope in my opinion). Anywhos, so I held on to the initial e-mail for a bit. I knew I was going to start up my journey to happy again, as I was closing two big chapters in my life on top of beginning a brand new one in a new state. I finally signed up while en route to my new home state. Once the sign-up was complete, the daily e-mails began June 28th, 2018.

In short, the e-mails give you a few questions to meditate on, as well as tips to assist in meditation and mindfulness. At the end of each e-mail there is a short task which involves mindfulness and journaling. In my honest opinion, it’s simple yet very impactful. At least for me it is.

I think I’ve previously stated this in another post, but I do struggle with acknowledging, expressing and vocalizing my emotions. After attending groups for mindfulness and anxiety, I’ve been wanting to continue pushing myself to explore these things and although this challenge does not involve person-to-person contact or interaction, it does afford the comfort and weightlessness of exploring feelings and emotions and subjects that have been ignored, forgotten and left unexplored or just down right uncomfy.

As I enter into the second week of this journey I wanted to quickly review the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge and reaffirm the positives that I have felt week one.

  1. I’ve actually made time for myself that didn’t have to do with work, sleep or that would be more of a benefit for others.
  2. I’ve started compiling affirmations and mantras that have surfaced, which gives me more to incorporate into the lifestyle that I am working towards, AND the routine that I’ll set in place once the 21 days end.
  3. I’ve began writing again and tapping into emotions (no matter uncomfortable) that I once wouldn’t examine.
  4. This can be done anytime and essentially anywhere.
  5. It’s something that I DON’T beat myself up over as aside from keeping the commitment to do it, I don’t pressure or rush myself to complete the “tasks” in any specific fashion.

A big part of my journey to happy includes learning, exploring and tending to my mental health.


For those of you who come across this and make it to this point in the post, how have you been tending to you mental health? What are some exercises you do or tips you can share for folks like myself that may be starting out in a wandering to healthy mindfulness?


– Peace. Viola Constance


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